Alive! Wildlife Photo Art Notebooks

Alive! Wildlife Photo Art Notebooks

I make notebooks with some of my wildlife photographs for covers – some of them wildly colored! They are for sale in many online bookshops, worldwide. The first in the series of photo art notebooks was the Alive! crocodile skin photo art notebook.

That notebook features a photograph of muddy crocodile skin. The idea with the Alive! title was to point out just that, that the crocodile – with skin intact – was still alive and swimming in South Africa.

The crocodile skin notebooks were followed by many other Alive! photo art notebooks featuring other wildlife, including zebras, rhinos and African penguins. And more animals could be on the way … 😉 (elephant).

We live in a world where these magnificent animals are becoming extinct because of environmental destruction, poaching and other factors. So the Alive! notebooks are a reminder to appreciate, savor, and protect the natural wildlife that is still here.

Also, having notebooks and journals with inspiring covers is important to me and my creativity. So I started making them for sale, to share with others:

For example, I make large soft-cover notebooks, wrapping my own colorful photographs around the cover. Inside are thick, inviting writing pages for you. I call them Photo Art Notebooks. You can find them at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and other online book stores. (The links provide ready-made searches for you).

Here’s are links to the notebooks on Amazon UK; Amazon DE; and, Amazon FR And, Adlibris in Sweden.

You can also order directly from the online store at Blurb – which offers volume discounts.