“On the road to elephants” has been published! Listen to the clip above to hear more about what’s inside. It’s available from online retail stores, worldwide. Here, on Amazon.com

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On the Road to Elephants is a soft-cover photography book including a written essay. Inside its pages, you’ll find lots of delightful elephant pictures.

Travelling in my rather small car, I explore with my camera how elephants live in modern day (South) Africa. The account is a mixture of photography and personal travel experiences.

Beyond fun pictures and travel anecdotes, it’s a journalistic document about elephants in South Africa today. I also explore our relationship as humans with elephants in a historical context.

Elephants are a keystone species in Africa, which means that the rest of the ecosystem, including other wildlife, depend on their survival.
The issues affecting elephant populations vary from region to region in Africa.

In this book, I focus on South Africa within the context of the African continent.

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